BTS Jungkook ‘Stay Alive’ breaks multiple record

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Stay Alive

K-pop sensation BTS has once again proved why they own the crown of ‘the best’. On Feb 11 an OST ‘Stay Alive’ from webtoon 7 fates Chakho was released & it broke multiple records.

BTS Jungkook ost

Crooned by the Golden Maknae of the group and produced by no other than Suga aka Min Yoongi started creating milestone just within 3 to 6 hrs. Of it’s release.

I tunes top song

In within 3 hrs. Of it’s release it climbed i tunes top song in almost 50 different nations.

I tunes top song

The song Stay alive topped the I tunes chart in less than 6 hrs. Of it’s release in almost 74 countries.

I Tunes top song

In within 14 hrs. Of it’s release the no. rose to 93 countries.

New record

The song has broken the record for the fastest single by a Korean soloist to reach No. 1 on i tunes chart in 8 major markets globally including UK, US , Japan, France & more- source Soompi.



The much awaited track from the duo created a stirr on the internet leaving behind many western music artists songs including ED sheeran & many more.


7 fates: Chakho Ost ‘Stay Alive’

Hours before it’s release Jungkook posted a snippet on his Instagram account of the song and ARMY’s soon started trending the hashtags all over the internet.


BTS taking over the world by storm

As per Pinkvilla Stay Alive became the second Korean song after BTS V ‘Sweet Night’ to top UK’s i tunes chart.


Eyeing on Grammy

With Grammy 2022 approaching it would really be interesting to see whether or not the global stars bagged the musical honor.


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