BTS members friendship tattoos

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava

BTS friendship Tattoo

Members of the K-pop group BTS revealed focusing on

BTS RM friendship tattoo

The leader of the group Kim Namjoon was the first to display his friendship tattoo which he got inked on his ankle.

BTS J-hope friendship tattoo

J-Hope inked himself 7 directly above his Achilles tendon. As per the rapper the place holds a significant importance to connect with ARMY who gives him strength to keep walking.

BTS Jin friendship tattoo

The oldest Kim Seojin took the social media by storm after he displayed his friendship tattoo in a shirtless style because he got the number '7' inked on his lower waist.

BTS Jimin friendship tattoo

He has a tattoo placed on the inside of his left index finger. Along with the photo, he posted a touching letter in which he expressed his desire to meet ARMY soon

BTS Jungkook friendship Tattoo

The golden Maknae has the most no.s of tattoos in his body. '7' was tattooed behind Jungkook's ear.

BTS V friendship tattoo

Well V is not someone who would get tattooed so easily, so when he flaunted no. 7, ARMY quickly guessed that it was just a marker.

BTS Suga friendship tattoo

Suga apparently has no tattoo on his body, the rapper is yet to disclose where he got inked the no. 7

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