BTS members educational qualification 2022

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava

Suga educational qualification

Suga attended Global Cyber University to study broadcasting and entertainment education. He enrolled in Hanyang Cyber University's Master's degree in Advertising and Media programme in 2020.

RM educational qualification

At the age of 12, he spent four months studying in New Zealand before moving on to Hanyang Cyber University in South Korea. The MBA in Advertising-Media is among his qualifications.

Jimin educational qualification

Higher studies- Korean Arts High School in 2014, College- Hanyang Cyber University with a advertising and communication master's degree

Taehyung educational qualification

Jimin & V both received degrees from Global Cyber University in 2020. He later enrolled for a MBA in Advertising & Media at Hanyang Cyber University.

J-hope educational qualification

J-Hope signed up for Hanyang Cyber University's MBA in Advertising and Media programme in March 2019. He earlier received a degree in broadcasting & ent. from Global Cyber University.

Jin educational qualification

Jin, who initially intended to be an actor, later studied art and acting at the private Konkuk University. He later enrolled in Hanyang Cyber University to study academics beyond music

Jungkook education qualification

Higher education at Seoul's School of Performing Arts, Singu Middle School and graduation from Global Cyber University (Broadcasting and Entertainment Major)

BTS member educational qualification 2022

Out of all 7 members of BTS only the eldest Seokjin chose to pursue a different stream, the youngest Jungkook is yet to receive his Masters degree

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