BTS members pawsome friends & their breeds

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava

BTS pets

K-pop band BTS members are quite popular among pet lovers too as they have multiple fur buddies at their homes which they often post it on social media.

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung has 3 dogs and a cat, with Yeontan being army’s most favorite. Rest he has Soonshim-Korean Jindo dog, Ssyongssyong-white dog and Kkanji-cat.

Jeon Jungkook

In a recent BTS in the Soop his new dog Bam accompanied him to the trip which is a doberman by breed, other than it, he has Gureum white Maltese dog.


He named his American Eskimo dog-Rap Mon after himself. Monie has been in his life since 2013.


Hobi can often be seen playing with his Mickey (Shih tzu) on social media. He is as playful as his dad, he always dolls mickey up in colorful outfits & hair bows.



Mochi has Ddosun - A mix of Korean Jindo & Pitbull Terrier, but unfortunately it passed away & since then he never adopted other pet.



Jin had a rescue white Maltese dog called Jjangu who died, as well as three sugar gliders named Odeng, Eomuk, and Gokmul. He even wrote a song ‘tonight’ after the sudden loss.



Little meow meow has the cutest toy poodle named Holly, who lives with his brother.


Tannie being everyone’s favorite


Bam being closest to V


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