BTS members siblings you have never heard of before

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Jung Jiwoo, Hobi's sister, is the carbon copy of the rapper himself. Although she is 4 years older than him, her charm makes her look younger than age.


Jeon Jung-hyun Fans have long assumed that a member from Day 6 is Kookie's brother due to similar characteristics, but Jung Hyun isn't a fan of selfies. He is known for his artistic digital drawings.

Kim Seok Jin

Kim Seok Jung, Jin has an elder brother who earlier made a lot of headlines when getting married. He is the best when it comes to cheering his baby bro.

Min Yoongi

Min Geumjae, Suga also has an older brother about whom he often used to share a lot of childhood memories during Run BTS.

Kim Taehyung

Kim Jong Gyu & Kim Eun Jin, V have a brother and a sister. Both of his siblings stay out from the limelight and very rare confirmed pics ever surfaced.

Park Jimin

Park Jihyun, We know Jimin’s younger brother from one of his Busa vlogs. Many say he used to look like predebut Jungkook in early days.


Kim Kyung Min, Namjoon’s little sister, has a beautiful smile just like him. She also stays away from limelight but eagle eyed ARMY’s found some of her pictures.


Currently the group is gearing up for their comeback with the upcoming proof Anthology in June.

BTS military service

Soon the decision of BTS eldest Jin serving in the military is expected to come out after their comeback.

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