BTS members solo brand ambassador lineups; V for Celine, Jungkook for Versace

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-02-12,12:17:03 entertainment

BTS members as a group brand ambassador

Widely famous the septet, K-pop sensation Bangtan Soneyondan are known to serve as one of the most expensive brand ambassadors of Luxury house Louis Vuitton.

BTS as solo brand ambassador

Following their military enlistment, BTS members have been indulging in their solo projects and since then luxury brands have been signing them individually.

Jimin X Dior

BTS Jimin and Dior recently collaborated for the french luxury summer 2023 collection. With this BTS Jimin became yet another K-pop idol to become Dior brand ambassador following Jisoo.

Suga X Valentino

Days after Jimin got roped in for Dior, BTS rapper Suga aka Min Yoongi signed up for the Italian luxury brand Valentino for its exclusive menswear collection.

J-hope for Hermès /LV

As two members of BTS get on board for the luxury labels, the predictions for others are on rise, it is predicted that J-hope might stick to Louis Vuitton or sign up for Hermès.

Kim Namjoon for Bottega Venetta

Rm is known for flaunting some of his best Bottega Venetta style, the leader of the brand has been rumored to be front lining the Italian luxury brand.

BTS V for Celine or Ralph Lauren

Celine’s last act with inviting Taehyung with Lisa and Park Bo Gum, glimpsed the brands clear agenda, however Tae frequently flaunts Ralph Lauren and Mi Miu which makes it a strong contender.

BTS Jin for Thom Browne/ Cartier

Any speculations related to Jin right now would be a little confusing since he is in the military but fans are rooting for him to either take Cartier or Thom Browne’s ambassadorship.

BTS Jungkook for Versace

There are strong rumors suggesting that the youngest of BTS, Jungkook would be a perfect fit for Versace ever since he sported a dapper fit from the house in FIFA world cup 2022.

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