BTS members without makeup looks

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

What is whitewashing

The editing technique known as whitewashing makes an idol's skin tone appear paler than it actually is.

BTS Jimin

Bringing back Park Jimin's unwhitewashed pic where he rocked the airport look in just a pair of black sunglasses. Jimin apparently has a soft caramel skin tone.

BTS J-hope

Hobi likes to keep up with his no makeup look most of the time since he believes in flaunting his natural color.

BTS Jungkook

BTS Makane’s bunny teeth are enough to captivate the ARMY however As an Asian, he actually has a somewhat yellow complexion. He appears more dynamic when not whitewashed.


Taehyung's skin has an appearance that is more Latino, such as a tanner or more olive tone thereby his no makeup look looks even more appealing.


Both RM and Taehyung have a tanner complexion which makes both of them look way more charismatic while flaunting the natural tone.

BTS Suga

Out of all the BTS members Suga has the lightest skin tone and thereby there is no way that he needs any whitewashing.


World wide handsome for a reason, with or without makeup those who have seen him from the close have barely noticed any difference.

BTS without makeup

Turns out BTS members are flawless and beautiful with or without makeup

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