BTS most popular songs to listen for new ARMY

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Fake Love

Known for it’s brilliant MV and excellent vocals of the members is one of the most viewed.


The groovy beats will make you dance to the rhythm, and the addictive verse will never leave your mouth.


Released in 2021 was probably the one which intrdouced the K-pop bands to a large section of people

Spring day

Released in 2017 is one of the most soothing songs of the group, it was also a tribute to a tragic accident that took place in South Korea.


Fire is a song of pure rage and it's a call to youth to 'light a fire' under all the barriers holding them back from achieving their goals.

Pied Piper

The song is one of the most voted from the ARMY, although it was initially banned from broadcasting in Korea, it received a huge range of love

Mic Drop

The song criticizes individuals who doubted the band's success and includes scorching comments for the skeptics.

I need u

The rhythm of the song is quite addictive. By the time you go on to understand the English lyrics you will already fall in love with the original version.

Boy With Luv

There is a reason why Halsey became ARMY's favorite artist who collaborated with BTS. check it out.

Yet to come

‘Yes the past was honestly the best, but my best is what comes next’ the recent Proof drop will surely inspire you to take new challenges.

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