BTS Proof concept photoshoot 2; members look heavenly in pastels

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BTS Proof part 2

Bighit has dropped the second part of Proof concept photoshoot of the members titled as Door version.

Proof Door version

The new shots are a striking contrast to the earlier batch of concept photos, which were all black.


In the photoshoot RM and Taehyung are twinning in blue colored outfits, the duality is insane.


He is known for rocking pastel colors and here is yet another to add on the existing list.


Door Version signifies that BTS has carved their niche & are opening new doors.


Jungkook and Jin the youngest & the oldest are twinning in white outfits & we cannot take our eyes off.


Keep scissors away from Suga’s hair, fans are screaming & we can see why long hair suits him too well.


The members were shot posing in the middle of a room draped in white curtains looking exceptionally ethereal.


Suga, Jimin and hobi are vibing in pink. Door's veil theme is strikingly close to Black Swan, which featured in Map of the Soul


Some keen fans have detected what appear to be hints concerning the band's future plans.

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