BTS Proof ‘Yet to come’ creates history

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The global K-pop sensation BTS today is celebrating their successful 9 years in the industry. The band marked their comeback with the Proof anthology.


It was on 10th when PROOF dropped it’s first new song ‘yet to come’. However two other ‘run Bts’ and Our Youth faced some censorship issues by KBS.

Yet to come

Ever since the song dropped,it has been creating history straight from Millions of views to Spotify’s biggest debut.

Spotify kings

All of the original songs from 'Proof' debuted at the top of Spotify's daily Global Top 200 chart.

Spotify global top 200

On June 10, BTS had a total of 28 songs in the Global Top 200, which is an astounding accomplishment.

BTS breaks their own record

Yet to Come No. 3 on Spotify's daily global chart on its first day, breaking the group's own record for the most first-day streams for any Korean-language song in Spotify ever.

BTS Biggest spotify debut

Run BTS debuted at number 6, while For Youth debuted at number 11. Born Singer debuted at number 16 on the list.

Youtube views

Just the second day of it’s release and the MV of Yet to come has already crossed over 70 M views.


BTS today is going to give a LIVE performance for their PROOF comeback with a special guest, 5:30 PM IST

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