BTS PTD Las Vegas major highlights day 1 & 2

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Jungkook Flashing his abs

Just when the fans recited his iconic speech ‘we wanna focus on’ in the posters he did it again.

RM & the Grammys speech

Kim Namjoon addressed the audience that they are the reason they came to Las Vegas & not Grammys.


On stage, BTS members Kim Taehyung aka V and Jeon Jungkook performed a waltz.

Taehyung being rejected

Tae threw flowers at armys and got it back again, it was one of the funniest moments.

Flower catcher Jungkook

Maknae never misses a chance to catch rose in the air, J-hope did it too this time

Jin & J-hope

To cheer him up, J-Hope came over and danced with Jin who couldn’t perform due to the injury


Not to mention but day 2 was full of VMINKOOK drama and here is the latest, Jungkook carrying jimin


The iconic V live question turns even more interesting when Suga mentioned Drive thru plan. ‘Yoongi marry me’

Taekook again

Just Jungkook sitting at Taehyung lap making taekooker stans go insane as Vkook trends again and again globally

Jin & Suga

Global fans became angry at the crowd after they caught injured Jin and Suga ducking things on stage as it may have hurt them.

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