BTS RM net worth & swanky car collection

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Aka Kim Namjoon aka the leader of the biggest boy band in the world BTS is now as par with Henry Cavil in 100 most handsome face in the world

BTS RM net worth

With a total net worth of almost $30 million, RM and Suga are likely tied for second-richest BTS band members.


He made an estimated $300k every month as of 2022, for a total of $1.8 million.

RM house

According to, RM spent a staggering 4.9 Billion KRW $4 million on the flat and is now the neighbour with park Jimin


According to reports, his apartment has a total area of around 293.93 square metres, including service spaces, and a functional area of about 244.34 square metres.

Namjoon’s car collection

The K-pop sensation was spotted driving a sporty Lamborghini Aventador S, which some claim cost at least $550,000.

Other cars

He also has an Audi RS4 that he paid $80,000 for. A petrol engine with dual turbochargers measuring 2.9 litres powers this fast station wagon.

Interesting facts

Except RM all the BTS members have driving license, however leader joonie loves riding a bicycle

Solo mixtape

In addition to collaborating with American rapper Warren G on a solo mixtape, RM has written over 130 songs.

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