BTS Suga heartbreaking struggle story

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-03-09,11:06:47 entertainment

Happy Birthday Min Suga

Its March 9, 2023 and while ARMY are celebrating the big day of BTS Suga aka Min Yoongi here is his struggle journey to the top

Min Yoongi

Today Min Yoongi is known as one of the most successful and roaring rapper of the K-pop industry, with brands lining up behind him, but his journey was not a bed of flowers

Music his first love

Suga always wanted a career in music. He started when he was 13, by 17 he started working in a music studio in Daegu. Where he used to rearrange the music and sell beats

Bus or Food

He once spoke how he could barely afford his meal two times. He was asked either to choose food or to take a bus ride back home within the amount given


Suga in his trainee years revealed, due to lack of money he felt so helpless that he used to play lottery every week, so that he didn’t have to walk back home for 2 hours

Was made fun of

Suga opened up about the bully he faced while he was in just 6th grade. People would come and tell him that he can’t make it & he can’t rap well

Underground rapper

When he took part in an event hosted by bighit where he came 2nd, Suga was already an underground rapper and producer.

Worked as a delivery man

Even when Suga joined BigHit has a trainee, his poor financial situation made him work as a deliveryman where he once got hit by a bike & injured himself

No family support

Yoongi revealed that his family was against his music passion and that he always wanted his father to love him. He was mostly brought up by her grandmother because of his mother’s injury


He suffered depression and soic phobia at avery young age but thanks to J-hope he found his comfort and Later with BTS Suga managed to overcome many issues in his life & career

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