BTS Taehyung beauty secret, diet & workout regime

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Kim Taehyung

The visual of the K-pop group BTS Taehyung is known as the world’s most handsome man, want to know the reason behind his beauty, wellness and body shape?


We all know Taehyung hates doing exercise, and that’s why he along with the other 6 members dance for roughly 2-3 hrs six days a week.

Weight Training for muscle gains

Apart from burning calories, Taehyung also trains for lateral delt fly and lateral shoulder fly for muscle gaining.

Taehyung diet chart

V cannot hold spicy food so his foods are rather non spicy and bland. V claims that worrying out while eating can result in weight increase. Therefore, it's preferable to eat quietly and without worry

Taehyung diet advice

Soup on the palette, He suggests having soup because it is low in calories. When trying to lose weight, drinking soups is a smart alternative.

BTS V beauty secret

Forget the day routine, here is the night thing which will rejuvenate your skin. First wash your face by using a nourishing cleanser and light dap on your face.

BTS V skincareV cleans his face with a cotton pad and toner. He was advised by h

Face serum is the must

Following step 2 use a face serum, Before bed, Taehyung applies an extra dab of cream to ensure that his skin will be moisturised.

Taehyung and his lip balm

A never separating story, yes that’s the reason behind his pulpy, highly moisturized and pink baby lips and now you know how to get one.

Drink water stay glowing

without consuming a lot of water, no skincare regimen is complete. Jimin says so and we agree.

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