BTS V deleted Shirtless pics on Instagram

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-06-17,15:17:07 entertainment

The visual King

BTS V is the most popular when it comes to charm the ladies with his visuals

Internet started losing it’s calm after Taehyung chose to post this pic


This see-through top selfie came in complimentary with the first one but now as usual you cannot find it on his IG

Selfie game high

His iconic selfies are enough to make ARMY hearts race


This is not the first time when he drove the BTS ARMY crazy with his magnet persona


Seems like deleting the story didn’t worked out for him because ARMY got it all saved in their gallery

Spot the beard challenge

The time when he was actually showing his beard but was it really it?

His style

He keeps wearing long V necks & unbuttoned shirts which expose his chest. well, it works


Kim Taehyung in royal blue and hot pink is the ideal blend of royalty and sexiness.

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