BTS V in Veautiful days concept photo channels his inner Equestrian

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-12-08,15:10:25 entertainment

Beautiful days

According to Big Hit Music, BTS' V will release a personal photo album titled 'Beautiful Days' on December 23.

BTS V Veautiful days

Drawing on the romanticism of gentlemen, Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful Days’ is making us scream looking how heavenly his looks are

Me, Myself and V’s Veautiful days

For V's Me, Myself and V 'Veautiful Days, BIGHIT MUSIC unveiled both a concept film teaser and an early look at concept images.B

BTS V concept photos

The visual of BTS Kim Taehyung is definitely channeling his inner equestrian through these photos

Romantic soul

As per Big Hit The Photo-Folio created using V's concept shows a day in the life of a 19th-century British gentleman as seen through his eyes.

What is Veautiful days

The central feature of Veautiful Days is an 80-page photo book that depicts beauty as seen from V's perspective.

Gentleman indeed

V had an old-fashioned, modern, and magical appearance while wearing a blue suit and a white ribbon.

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