BTS V solo & cover songs

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Kim Taehyung

Known for his deep vocals and extraordinary visuals, Bts V not only is the most adorable member of the group but, apart from BTS massive fandom, he also enjoys a massive solo stans fan-base

Christmas Tree

The newly released bilingual OST for his friend Choi woo Sik from the drama ‘our beloved summer’ has become the top-selling Korean solo song on US Amazon’s best-selling song list.

Winter bear

Released in 2019 the song continues ruling the chart marking Taehyung’s first English lyrics song. With him being the director for the same.


A fresh concept of the song was not only a treat to eyes but also a visual blessing. BTS love yourself album even became the group’s first billboard ruler.


The very first time the world got to know the depth of his vocals & magical voice independently in 2016 album wings.

Inner child

With the help of RM, Taehyung was able to dedicate few lines for his younger self. ‘I wanted to fill the song with pretty words for little Taehyung in the past.”-RM.

Sweet Night

“Sweet Night, It was composed, written, produced and sung by V. The song was used in a K-drama called ‘Itaewon Class’


Taehyung wrote the lyrics as well as composed the soothing musical tune. Scenery is a melancholic song about a person walking through a park and pondering on past and present memories

4 O Clock

After having a dumpling fight with Jimin and later meeting up in the park was the actual inspiration, how Taehyung wrote the song with help of RM.

It’s definitely you

This Taehyung and Jin collaboration smashed records by debuting at no. 8 on US world songs sales chart.

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