BTS V top looks from Celine Fashion week red carpet

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Celine Men's fashion week

Kim Taehyung aka V finally made his Paris Fashion week debut

Diamond and dazzle

We don't need to tell you how stunning the BTS singer was in leather & diamonds

Paris has the most beautiful man

We remember the Gucci boy who is now the personification of CELINE!

The trend maker

In midnight Taehyung occupied all 4-5 top trends of twitter in different countries

The Trio

CELINE got the whole crowd in their arena, aren’t they the stunners?

Paris is overwhelmed

He ditched the red leather jacket at the event to show off his impressive silhouette.

Because why not

Lisa is CELINE brand ambassador but all eyes on ‘Taehyung’

Two beauties in a frame

actor Eddie Redmayne and BTS v at the Celine show in Paris

BTS V Paris Diaries