BTS V winter skincare routine & night time face regimen

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BTS V aka Kim Taehyung skincare

Taehyung the vocalist of BTS is not only known for his deep voice but also the flawless skin type which makes him the most handsome man in the world.

Winter bear

V works hard to maintain his skin's health, clarity, and radiant appearance while offstage as he constantly gets layers of makeup on his face daily.

Taehyung favorite K-beauty product

Zero Steroid, sometimes known as Zeroid, refers to its use as a gentler skin treatment option than harsh steroid-based ones.

Taehyung skin type

BTS V has an oily acne prone skin and thereby Pimprove is the ideal choice,the solution is the scientifically established notion that acne cannot be effectively treated by oil-free skin care solutions

Night time skincare routine

V washes and tones his face before applying moisturizing and nourishing moisturiser and face serum.

Taehyung winter effective mantra

He follows his night time skincare by applying lip balm to his lips and finishing his skincare routine by getting enough water.

Cotton pad is a must

Instead of using his fingers to dab the toner on the face, V relies more on his dermatologist suggested cotton pad

Hydrating moisturizer

While choosing the moisturizer Taehyung makes sure weather winter or summer he has to keep his skin hydrated enough and thereby only hydrating moisturizer is for the rescue.

What’s a big no

Never ever sleep with your makeup on, V even ensures to take off all his jwelleries and accessories before going to bed

BTS Jungkook winter skincare routine