Countries where Shahrukh Khan’s popularity soars to another level & why

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Shahrukh Khan’s popularity

Srk’s popularity is not hidden from anyone, one might be surprised to know that in many countries Sharukh Khan represents Bollywood’s existence.


DDLJ- The movie quickly gained a cult status among Germans living abroad, to the point where it was released in Germany under the title Wer Zuerst Kommt, Kriegt Die Braut.


We are talking about Hollywood which has a huge fan following of SRK, from audience to big stars such as Daniel Radcliffe, Leonardo Di Caprio, Kristen Stweart are all fans of srk.

Paris, France

Shahrukh is one of the very few Indian personalities to have a wax statue in the Grevin Museum.


Ascocenda Shah Rukh Khan is a rare species of orchid that was given his name in Singapore.


Shah Rukh Khan is the only Indian celeb to get the prestigious BrandLaureate Legendary Award from the Malaysian government for his unparalleled contribution to the world of cinema.


This doesn’t even need a description, Dubai and their love for their tourism brand Ambassador Shahrukh Khan is globally recognised


Even our neighbor Pakistan, keep swooning over Shahrukh Khan greeting him with one of the biggest fan following

Global superstar

In countries where Indian films don't even get screened, Shahrukh’s name is enough to represent Bollywood.

Most expensive assets owned by Srk