Diljit Dosanjh Born to shine world tour 2022 highlights

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Diljit Dosanjh

The Punjabi hit maker singer is back into action, with his lined up world tour schedules

Born to shine

That’s how it goes, Diljit is all prepared for his Born to shine 2022 world tour starting from own country.

Born to shine- Jalandhar

Last night it was Jalndhar’s LPU crowd who went lucky while witnessing the G.O.A.T perform on his latest hits


Born to Shine World Tour, will take him to ten different cities across North America.

We are waiting too

“It has been more than 2 years since I performed live with my last live show taking place in Mumbai early 2020, so I am incredibly excited for this tour.”

More details.

The tour, which will be backed by Live Nation and has wrapped up it’s second Schedule at Jalandhar after Gurugram

The concert outfits

Apart from his power packed stage spirit, fans are hailing him for his outfit choices which showcased vibrancy, diversity and of course his unique persona.


Only Diljit has the potential to make the Indian crowd go insane while grooving and singing his preppy tracks.


A glimpse from 9th April at Gurugram, India

Delhi awaits Diljit

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