Esha Gupta diet & fitness regime for gaining sexy curves

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Esha Gupta

Esha is very strict when it comes to her fitness and diet schedule, the Aashram 3 diva hardly misses her gym schedule.


Esha stays in shape via running, yoga, and light weight lifting. She is a devoted Yoga practitioner who believes that keeping your mind calm is just as vital as keeping your body peaceful.

Strength exercises

Tire flips, jogging, squats, kickboxing, rope climbing, and Pilates are among her workouts regimen.

Pole dancing

Apart from shaping the belly, pole dancing strengthens the back muscles, triceps, and biceps. Esha, who is recognised for her chiseled figure, enjoys experimenting with new trends.

Workout session

Reportedly Esha manages to do 300 squats in a day. She likes drinking protein shake after finishing off her workout routine

Morning routine

Esha’s morning drink includes I tps cold pressed coconut oil in a glass of lukewarm water. She believes that doing so makes your bone stronger and maintains the facial glow.


Esha like most of the other celebs too includes a plain vegetarian diet in her food. She mostly prefers Bajre ki roti followed by drinking green tea after an hour.


Her dinner includes quinoa, grilled vegetables, soup or anything which is light. She don;t use any kind of lactose & gluten in her diet.

Cheat Meal

Esha Gupta’s cheat meal is Pizza, cold drinks and potato chips, but she once stated that she rarely cheat’s her diet plan.

Beauty secrets

Esha mentioned using more desi homemade facemasks and other beauty hacks other than relying on chemical based products.

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