Fardeen Khan Fat to Fit journey is inspiring

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan, the Fida actor who has been absent from the world of entertainment for a quite long time took to the internet with shock after his drastic weight loss transformation.


Fardeen Khan weight loss transformation

Fardeen Khan revealed in an interview that he has lost 18 kg and added that his path toward a young shape is still ongoing.


Trolled for weight gain

Fardeen revealed he was trolled a lot on social media and had been subjected to body shaming for a long time.

Correct Diet

Fardeen after becoming a father wanted to set an example for his daughter and he pledged to get back in shape. He started doing so by eating healthy.


Along with correcting his diets he started with some basic but right workouts in his daily routine.

Physical health affects Mental health

As a father he wanted to spend more time with his daughter skating and Son running around in the park. Fardeen stated ‘Physical health affects Mental health’

Weight Loss

Through his rigorous attempts he managed to lose 18 kgs in a course of just 6 months. He added that there is still 35% of the journey which needs to be done.

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