Free BTS concert at BUSAN can be your golden ticket

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In past few months ever since BTS announced their break the amount of contents they have given their fans to not get bored is a type of break we need every 2-3 months

BTS Solo Projects

While half of the BTS members have rolled out their solo projects and Jungkook is preparing for the next, let’s take a breath to find out about their OCTOBER schedule.

BTS BUSAN concert

By October we meant the upcoming BUSAN world expo ceremony, and reports are suggesting that it’s going to be a free deal.

Busan concert

If you haven't heard, BTS was just named the ambassador for the World Expo 2030 Busan in an effort to bring the EXPO to Busan.

BTS free concert?

In the month of October, they will be holding a big concert. The worldwide concert will be free to attend, if the most recent claims are to be believed.

Not a dream

A fresh media report claims that HYBE Labels has agreed to hold the event free of charge. It is anticipated that 100,000 people will attend the event making it the biggest in the town’s history.

BTS Busan concert Venue

HYBE is considering three venues in Busan including Busan Asiad Main Stadium, Samnak Ecological Park, or the Bukhang Port.

To be unveiled soon

For the time being, the specific date and location of the concert are yet unknown.

Wish you were in South Korea?

While fans in Korea are rejoicing over this news, overseas fans are currently suffering from severe FOMO.

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