10 Reasons why Indians love K-drama

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-05-07,11:02:33 entertainment

K-dramas popularity in India

In past few years India has seen a dramatic rise in K-drama popularity with Indians of almost all age group going gaga over these shows, here are reasons why

Addictive Plotline

Many say K-dramas are addictive it is because K-dramas are considered healing in nature by research, the plotlines are soft and often makes audience completely get engrossed in it

Work culture

There is a similarity between Indian and South Korean work culture, the 9-5 job, daily hustle for living, team dinners and so on

Cultural similarities

Similarly India and SK also shares cultural similarities like importance of family, normal day in Asian family, Curry, even the design of their house and products used etc

The charming cast to die for

The charming and good looking cast of K-drama is a big-big draw not only for Indian bt also for audience globally

Light-Heart romance

Without making it too hard and create tension around public, K-dramas follow a romantic plotline with light weightage and swoon worthy moments

Genres to explore

If you are the one who thinks K-dramas are cringe & follows same plotline, then you might be wrong since the shows have explored the themes starting from Gore to adventure, action, horror & more


K-dramas can be found easily on different platforms, some of which are even free unlike American shows which needs a subscription to be viewed

The cuisines

How can we forget the mouth watering cuisines shown in K-dramas which has boasted the ramen and Korean street food business in India dramatically

Relatable plotline

Contemporary K-dramas like My Liberation notes, reply 1997, Age of Youth etc shares a relatable story different from their typical CEO plotline & fits in the criteria of particular audience segment

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