10 Hidden Gems Movies Of The South Indian Cinemas

WRITTEN BY Sumit Kumar2023-04-18,07:30:00 entertainment

Angamaly Diaries

An exciting crime story that follows a gang of young guys as they negotiate the local underworld is set in the Keralan town of Angamaly.



A social drama that follows Aruvi, a young lady who is outcast by society after being charged with involvement in a terrorist attack, throughout her journey.


A guy who takes a new medicine that gives him the ability to control his dreams is the subject of this psychological thriller that questions the boundaries between reality and dreams.


Pariyerum Perumal

A coming-of-age drama that examines caste prejudice in Tamil Nadu by telling the tale of a young Dalit man with legal aspirations.


Bangalore Days

Three cousins are the subjects of a romantic comedy-drama that follows them as they experience Bangalore's ups and downs as adults.


Kumbalangi Nights

Four brothers' lives are explored in this slice-of-life story set among Kumbalangi's scenic backwaters.



A medical thriller that examines the valiant attempts of healthcare professionals to contain the infection was inspired by the actual Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala.


Ee Ma Yau

A dark comedy-drama that tells the tale of a guy who arranges a lavish funeral for his father only to have everything go horribly wrong.



A criminal drama that follows a traffic police officer as he decides to look into an old case involving a missing person.


C/O Kancharapalem

A touching drama that chronicles the lives of various people living in a small Andhra Pradesh village.


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