Top 10 Bollywood movies which are banned in other countries

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-05-09,16:17:05 entertainment


Akshay Kumar starrer which is focused on menstruation received critical acclaim in India, however the move was not welcomed in Pakistan and thus banned

Oh My God

The film discusses how superstition and religion cause chaos. OMG was banned in the UAE due to its sensitive content

The Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan starrer Dirty Picture might have shed light on the dirt business of the cinema industry through bold scenes, but looks like Kuwait didn’t appreciate the idea of too much boldness


Padmavat was already in the talks and created a lot of buzz and controversies in India. The film was banned in Malaysia because the govt. Thought it portrayed Muslims are not good for society


Well, Pakistan has all right to not go see the movie, despite it was derived from the true event of Indian braveheart Neerja Bhanot all because it showed Pak in bad light

Delhi Belly

Surprisingly Delhi Belly despite enjoying a cult status in India got banned in Nepal, because as promised the makers didn’t delete the movie’s obscene scenes

The Kashmir Files

Similar to Padmavat, The Kashmir Files was also banned in Singapore because the authorities think that the movie was provocative and Muslims portrayal was one sided


Pakistan truly has a special ignorance towards Akshay Kumar as it keeps banning his every movie, adding to the list was spy thriller Baby

Bell bottom

Well, this time Akshay irked Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar who refused to screen Bell Bottom stating that the movie tampered with historical facts


The Malayalam movie starring Dulquer Salmaan was banned in Kuwait reason being it showed a criminal trying to flee from India and taking refugee in Kuwait

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