Global Pop Stars we would ❤️ to hear again

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Since releasing her latest album in 2016, the Barbadian singer has only been seen in collaborations and a few live performances. She is, for sure, putting her fans' patience to the test.


Eminem was the driving force behind one of the most successful periods in hip-hop history. However his pace kept getting slower after 2018 Kamikaze in 2020 he released ‘Music to be murdered’.


Justin Timberlake❤️

Justin Timberlake's fifth studio album titled Man of the Woods. was released On February 2nd, 2018. He announced his comeback recently but halted again.


Britney Spears❤️

We might have seen Britney Spears in the studio if it hadn't been for her legal troubles.Her last album Glory was released in 2016.



On October 6, 2008, Oasis released Dig Out Your Soul, their seventh and last studio album. Liam Gallagher, Paul Arthurs, Paul McGuigan, and Tony McCarroll originally formed the band in 1991.



The Love below/Speakerboxxx the last album was released In 2003. Outkast abruptly disbanded in late 2006, but reunited in 2014 for a world tour.



His last album, 'Making Mirrors,' was dropped in 2011. The Australian singer was regarded as 'one hit wonder 'as he failed to achieve success after one of his hit songs.


One direction❤️❤️

Even though it’s nearly impossible ever since Zayn Malik left the group and the band went on hiatus with members following their solo careers. But fans are still waiting for the miracle to happen.

Backstreet boys❤️❤️

It was a time when the band along with NSYNC, Boyzone used to dominate the american billboard chart. Although they made a comeback in 2019 with DNA, fans are hoping for more.


Nicki Minaj❤️

Nicki Minaj is set to release a new album in 2022, which will be her long-awaited return to the music scene. Her last album, Queen, was released four years ago.


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