Sound Experiments by the Music Maestro RD Burman

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2022-06-26,14:30:58 entertainment

A Glorious Legacy

Songs of music director RD Burman have amused fans of Hindi film music over many years. He made significant innovations to background music. Let's check out…

Voice Modulation

He made the gruffed-voice modulation heard in Mehbooba from Sholay, the prelude in Duniya Mein from Apna Desh and more.

Cracked Bottles

He blew beer bottles to provide a distinctive beat for the Mehbooba soundtrack in the Sholay film.

Cup and Saucers

For song Chura Liya (Yaadon Ki Baraat) he created the sweet tinkling sound from cups.

Patting the Back

Most unconventional and unique idea of Burman, he patted his music assistant Maruti Rao's back for the song 'Raat gayi, baat gayi samjho' from the movie Darling Darling.

Inverted Timpan

Songs for film Charitraheen was achieved from the clacking sound that Burman played on an inverted timpani/kettledrum.

Asha Bhosle's Laughter

Asha Bhosle's laughter became the rhythm in Ye Naina Yaad Hai from film Manzil Manzil (1984).

Sandpaper and Bamboo Sticks

Rubbed sandpaper and knocked bamboo sticks to give a running train's effect: 'Hoga tumse pyara kaun' from Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai (1981).

Combined Santoor And Guitar

In, 'Raina beeti jaaye' from Amar Prem (1971), he combined santoor and guitar, also in 'Chingari koi bhadke'

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