Harry Styles headlines Coachella 2022 with his Dazzling outfit

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Harry heartthrob styles

Promised a crowd of tens of thousands of Coachella attendees Friday night that they could expect an evening of dancing, and he did not disappoint.

The outfit

Sorry to all the Coachella singers but this outfit is going to be the talk of the festival

New song

Harry Styles, British singer-songwriter, wrapped the first night of the Coachella music festival with a show-stopping performance that included two fresh new songs.

As it was

Harry appeared in a colossal black fur coat and took the stage with storm with his new single

Coachella night

In his first Coachella performance, played a set that included chart-topping pop hits, ballads, and new songs from his upcoming album

Harry’s comeback

On Friday at Coachella, Harry Styles debuted two new songs,

Surprise surprise

Shania Twain joined Styles on stage as a surprise guest for a duet of Twain's 1997 classic

The moves

Harry goes wild while performing in a concert of a festival.. And this is our best kind of dancing

One direction ya’ll

Harry performs the One Direction smash "What Makes You Beautiful." we are speechless

Man of the concert-Harry styles

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