Forget Glass Skin, Dolphin Skin is taking Over the Beauty Trend

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati

Dolphin Skin Beauty

The idea of this regime is to make your skin appear luminous with a high-voltage glow. It focuses more on glowing, glass-like radiance, the wet, dewy look.

Glass Skin v/s Dolphin Skin

Dolphin skin routine focuses more on layers of iridescence and blush whereas glass skin is more on the dewy side.

Skin Care to Achieve Dolphin Skin

Right balance between hydration and exfoliation is the key in the regime.


The better the exfoliation the more skin will be able to breathe and get the glow like a dolphin’s skin. You should exfoliate your skin everyday to remove dead cells, impurities and more.


Focus on using a hydrating cleanser and double cleanse your skin to remove all the dirt, buildup, oil and more. This will help in better absorption of skincare products.

Essence and serum

Use of hyaluronic acid-infused face serum is recommended. This provides instant hydration and locks in the moisture of the skin.


A good antioxidant rich Moisturizer will provide all the needed hydration to the skin and will give that glowy, hydrated skin feels. Feel the skin of a water baby.

Non-mattifying sunscreen

Since the aim is to get the gleaming skin, one can’t use mattifying sunscreen. And not to forget that your sunscreen should have the right amount of SPF.

Facial oil

This will give the extra dose of hydration and the final layer to get the glistening glow. You can try jojoba oil or rosehip oil for the same.

Healthy Diet

Nothing can be perfect if you don't feed your skin from inside. So take a nutrition rich diet which also includes good fats and omega-3 sources. Also get more of your Beauty Sleep.

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