Hollywood actors who wishes to work with Shahrukh Khan

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Leonardo Dicaprio

The legendary Titanic star Leonardo always wished to work alongside SRK as he believed that this would make him even more famous.


Daniel Radcliffe

Known as the ‘Harry Potter’ Daniel Radcliffe called the superstar an epitome of style and class and is also a big fan


Kristen Stweart

The Twilight actress who herself is the megastar once wished to do the second part of Breaking Dawn with Shahrukh Khan.


Penelope Cruz

Penelope from Pirates of the Caribbean was one among the many celebrities who wanted to collaborate with Shah Rukh Khan.

Zayn Mallik

The former One direction member Zayn never misses a chance to express his love towards Shahrukh he once revealed showing Gigi ‘Devdas’ too.

James Cameron

Calling himself a big fan of SRK’s My Name is Khan, James said he would be more than happy to sign a poster for him, if Shahrukh does the same to him on the poster of 2010 hit.

Robert Pattinson

Quoting Shahrukh and Kajol as one of his favorite Bollywood actors, Robert revealed watching and falling in love with Dilwale Dulhania le jayenge.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman once acknowledged that Shah Rukh Khan would make the best Wolverine if anyone from Bollywood could play the part.

Heather Graham

Apparently many news reports quoted that Heather had a chat with Shahrukh Khan for her possible Bollywood debut after knowing his soaring global popularity.

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