Top 10 Best Japanese Romance Drama

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BY Aditi Shrivastava 25 May, 2023

Hold My Hand at Twilight

Helmed by Hiroshi Kanai, Daisuke Yamauchi, and Masato Fuchigami, Hold My Hand at Twilight Is a 2023 romantic Japanese drama

Cursed in Love

Cursed in love is a revenge mixed drama with intense romantic plots and very interesting twists

Mischievous Kiss : Love in Tokyo

Originally the adaptation of Itazura na Kiss, this comes from a Manga series and has several adaptations to it including the Korean version Playful kiss

Hyakumankai Ieba Yokatta

Hyakumankai Ieba Yokatta is a mysterious romance drama with a lot of emotional pitches and undying love plot

On A Starry Night

A solo camping trip by a 35-year-old gynecologist results in a disastrous run-in with Issei. On a starry night is a must watch Romantic J-drama

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Reiji Samejima is a wealthy, conceited man who frequently encounters rejection from ladies due to his awful demeanor but ends up falling for a mysterious women

Fishbowl Wives

Following Sakura's experience with domestic violence, which forces her to flee her home in order to save her dignity, the miniseries centres on two strangers who fall in love

Falling in love like a romantic drama

In a reality show with Naomi Watanabe as the host, eight teenage actors perform kissing scenes. Then the camera records their journey together after that

Love that Barks

Also known as ‘A warmed up Love’ is a Romantic Japanese Drama featuring Nana Mori and Tomoya Nakamura

Hot Gimmick

Hot Gimmick Boy Meets Girl is a 2019 coming-of-age Japanese drama that is presently available on Netflix. It features Mizuki Itagaki and Miona Hori

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