House of the Dragon fills the void of GOT, meme frenzy on twitter

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-08-24,11:16:50 entertainment

House of the Dragon

House of the dragon has now become HBO biggest web series premiere with around 10 MIllion viewers.

Worth the hype

House of the Dragon's debut episode perfectly captures everything that every Games of Thrones fans were waiting for


The show broke the all-time record for the number of viewers that watched a single episode on cable and streaming services in 2022.

Here we go again

‘Everyone watching House of the Dragon after swearing they were done with Game of Thrones forever’

Relatable enough

‘me watching House of the Dragon vs me whenever they mention/reference GOT finale in the episode’

GOT fever

‘after being hurt by Game Of Thrones 3 years ago and now House Of The Dragon is here’

The Plot

‘I'm going to watch House of the Dragon because of the script’

GOT theme song on the roll

‘Me when House of The Dragon end credits started playing.’

The Jethalal version

‘When House of the dragon end credits starts playing in GOT theme’

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