How to dress like BTS V if Kim Taehyung is your bias

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-12-30,13:07:21 entertainment

Stick to the basics

Dressing like BTS V means you have to stick to the basics which includes excluding your extra vibrant outfit. A plain shirt and oversized pants should always be your go to casual wear.


Street style fashion

For a stylish appearance that blends street and prim, V frequently dons a button-down, sporty coats, patterned vests, and big spectacles.


Go loud with patterns

V is a pro at fusing various elements. The eye-catching patterns on many of his shirts are intimidating.



Take a peek into Taehyung's closet and you will find multiple customized bracelets. In case you are looking for his favorite brand it is charity brand Choi Changnam


Carefree fashion

Although V loves Gucci & LV, Taehyung wears whatever catches his attention and doesn't give a damn about fashion rules, labels, or other people's opinions.


Overcoats for rescue

Taehyung and Overcoats is a love story every ARMY loves watching again & again. And why not when he actually bought a wave of craze for chic & long overcoats among his fans



V wraps up his outfits with bandanas, sport bands, and berets to give them a playful twist.


Baggy clothes

Baggy clothes are a wardrobe essential when your bias is Kim Taehyung. V loves being comfy and cozy.



Taehyung’s Yellow beret to classic hats style of 80’s and 90’s, including one of those in your ensemble will actually be like ‘Tell me your bias is Kim Taehyung, without telling the same’


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