Heart Fluttering Moments from Crash Landing On You ❤️

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati entertainment

Yoon Se Ri crash lands onto Ri Jung Hyuk

The Fated crash landing of Yoon Se Ri in North Korea and meeting Ri Jung Hyuk made us giggle.

Braided hairs

When Ri Jung Hyuk braids hairs for Yoon Se Ri as she goes out with other North Korean women to get together. Scene just gave butterflies.

Yoon Se Ri and Ri Jung Hyuk's first kiss

The first kiss in the basement of a boat to hide from the army. The unexpected Kiss from Ri Jung just gave us goosebumps.

Connecting Under the Sky

Se Ri and Jung Hyuk spend the night in the field when their train stops. The way he takes care of her and the the sweet moments under the night sky were ❤️

The Confession In Hospital

When Ri Jung Hyuk hugs Yoon Se Ri in hospital and their first kiss after the confession. Made us fall for the couple deeper.

Ri Jung Hyuk cute Jealousy

The way Ri Jung Hyuk gets jealous when Yoon Se Ri compliments his comrades and not him. Just can’t forget his cute face

Goodbye Kiss

We felt the ache in our hearts when Ri Jung Hyuk gave the goodbye kiss to Yoon Se Ri on the borders of North and South Korea.

Ri Jung Hyuk surprise Yoon Se Ri in South Korea

The moment we smiled like fools was when Ri Jung Hyuk met Yoon Se Ri in South Korea. The sweet surprise was just true love and nothing else.

Jealous Girlfriend

Yoon Se Ri takes Ri Jung Hyuk for shopping and gets jealous when the other girl in the mall compliments him. Well we can all relate to her.

Ri Jung Hyuk gifts Yoon Se Ri couple rings

When Ri Jung Hyuk gifts a couple rings to Yoon Se Ri on her birthday and locks his heart with her forever. Well, no denying these scenes just raise the standards of K-Drama fans.

Reunited in Switzerland

The reunion was emotional and made us cry. Two met and this time she crashes on Ri Jung to stay with him forever

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