Iconic Fashion Statement of Sharmila Tagore

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2022-12-07,10:29:29 entertainment

Sharmila Tagore Birthday

Sharmila Tagore is known for her work in Hindi and Bengali cinema. The actress celebrates her birthday on 8 December. Lets see her phenomenal vintage style trends.

Enigmatic Winged Eyeliner

Even before the term 'cat eye' was popularised, the actress has enchanted us with this signature eye makeup in almost all of her films.

Gorgeous Beehive Hairstyle

Her beehive hairdo was very popular back in the era. Her retro looks with voluminous waves, ponytails and high buns was loved by all.

Aced the Traditional Indian Look

With a red bindi, saree and minimalistic jewellery, Sharmila Tagore looked mesmerizing.

Poppy Red Lipstick

Her charming red lipstick made the star standout and complemented her overall look brilliantly.

Stunning the two-piece swimsuit

She wore a bikini for a Filmfare magazine cover. She carried the look effortlessly. Sharmila redefined the classic Bollywood style and aestheticism.

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