Ishan Khatter’s impressive biker style & coolest fashion sense

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

The social Media heartthrob

Ishaan Khatter is popular on Instagram because of his incredibly amazing pictures.


The biker’s aesthetics

Ishaan’s love for bike and road trip is not hidden from anyone, the actor constantly poses with his beast wherever he gets time



Ishaan and Shahid both the brothers are die heart bike lovers and can be seen going on a bike trip often


Gen Z fashion

Gen Z fashion

Breaking stereotype

Ishaan aced the black outfit look in a GQ photoshoot where he flaunted his beautiful silver earrings.

Galileo Parthasarthy

Well, this is probably his promotional look for upcoming Phone Bhoot but we are sure in love with his fashion choices

Casual yet stylish

Running out of camera poses, take cue from Ishaan Khatter on how to turn your casual day out in a runway fashion

Koffee date with

While Ishaan wore this outfit for a Koffee date with Karan you can surely rock this outfit on a coffee date with your partner and watch them complimenting you over & over

Never out of style

Ishaan never misses a chance to flaunt his bike and his coolest dressing sense while riding i

Turns 27

Happy Birthday Ishaan Khatter

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