Jennifer Aniston age Defying beauty, skincare & diet secrets

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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer even in her early fifties looks like she never aged a day since FRIENDS aired. She is one of the most gorgeous ladies Hollywood has ever given to it’s fans.

Morning Wellness routine

Whether it’s early morning work or late night schedule, Jennifer never misses on her morning routine which is drinking celery juice followed by diluted shots of apple cider vinegar.

Skincare routine

Aniston uses the K.I.S.S. strategy. She only uses soap and water on her face, followed by an SPF-containing Aveeno daily moisturizer.

Jennifer Aniston favorite skincare product

Jennifer acknowledged using her preferred face cleanser Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar, followed by a toner, in an interview.


She uses serums, exfoliates three times a week, and moisturises with a light anti-aging product, which works wonders for her.

Balanced diet is all you need

We all know that Jennifer ate the same salad for 10 years during FRIENDS.Jennifer typically drinks a protein smoothie for breakfast that includes berries, stevia, and leafy greens.


Or, sometimes Aniston drinks warm lemon water first, then she consumes avocado and egg. Which is one of her favorites.

Intermittent fasting

Any of the many meal scheduling strategies referred to as intermittent energy restriction alternate between voluntary fasting and non-fasting for a predetermined period of time.

Collagen everyday

Aniston usually enjoys Collagen Powder and coffee. The collagen powder helps to maintain healthy, strong hair, skin, and nails.

Working out is the key

She is a huge supporter of moving her body every day, whether it be through spin, yoga, cardio, boxing etc

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