BTS Jungkook approved ways to style Leather Jacket

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Jungkook Leather jacket

Jungkook and his love for Leather Jacket is quite famous in the K-pop industry, the K-pop idol has a very versatile wardrobe when it comes to acing Leathers.

Embellished leather jacket

BTS Jungkook rocked the embellished leather jacket worth Rs. 59.2 K, the jacket has quite a rusty and edgy look which goes well with his personality.

Celine beauty

Jungkook chose a jacket from the luxurious French clothing brand Celine. The jacket is worth $5,200.

Perfectly casual

Jungkook kept it casual while trendy as he went on to pass his cute eye smile, while posing for his fans.

A total hottie

BTS Jungkook is one of the few k-pop idols who looks the hottest while donning Leather jackets.

Sultry red

This red leather beauty on Jungkook went viral and sold out with a blink of an eye.

Airport Look

Although all the BTS members can rock all the fashionable outfits, there is something about the Golden Maknae which makes him the perfect fit for this piece.

Biker Jacket

The infamous Biker Jacket of Jeon Jungkook Army kept swooning over and over

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