BTS & Blackpink common Brand Ambassadorship

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-05-18,11:39:40 entertainment

BTS Brand ambassadorship

BTS members are currently conquering all the luxury brand ambassadorship be it Dior, valentino, Celine, LV etc as a part of their solo career

Blackpink Brand ambassadorship

Blackpink on the other hand already were handling major brand faces since their debt days, here is what’s common in between them now

BTS V and Lisa

Both Taehyung from BTS and Lisa from Blackpink are now the official global brand face of French luxury Celine

BTS Jimin and Blackpink Jisoo

Park Jimin the vocalist of BTS and beauty queen Jisoo from blackpink serves as the brand face of French multinational luxury fashion house Christian Dior

BTS Jimin and Blackpink Rosé

Jimin again was announced as the global brand face for luxury Jewelry brand Tiffany & Co, the same brand which Rosé has been serving for quite some time

BTS Jungkook and Blackpink Jennie

While Jungkook was just roped in by the American luxury brand Calvin Klein, Blackpink Jennie is already rocking its women’s line

BTS brand lineups

Other than these Suga was roped in for Valentino & NBA, RM for Bottega Veneta, J-hope for Louis Vuitton, Jin’s brand ambassadorship is yet to be announced

Blackpink Brand lineups

Blackpink has Chanel, Saint Laurent, cartier, Bulgari, Hera, chum-Churum, Kiss me, Adidas, Vivo & others

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