K-dramas with highest imdb rating in 2022; Business proposal, Pachinko, Liberati

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Again my life

IMDB-9.0 It portrays the narrative of a young prosecutor who is murdered while trying to bring down crime but is given that chance to fight for justice, based on Lee Hae-web nal's novel.


IMDB-8.9 Featuring Blackpink members Kim jisoo & Jung Hae In the drama received initial backlashes in Korea but was widely welcomed globally

Twenty Five Twenty one

IMDB-8.9 set in the 90’s backdrop the story revolves around Korea’s economic crisis era & a beautiful love story of fencer Na hee Do & Baek Yi Jin

Business proposal

Imdb-8.2 Ha-ri shows up to a blind date acting as a friend to scare him away. However, things go wrong when he reveals himself to be her CEO and makes a proposal.


IMDB-8.6 Beginning with a tale of a forbidden love that leads to a vast odyssey, the hopes and desires of four generations of a Korean immigrant family.

My Liberation notes

IMDB-8.8 Initially the drama was lacking behind Our blues but as soon as the story line gains traction it quickly clumps up the trp chart with it’s crazily self relative narrative.

Our Beloved summer

IMDB-8.5 featuring Choi Woo shik & his dearest friend & BTS member Kim taehyung OST Christmast tree there was no reason the K-drama won’t be a hit.

Military prosecutor Doberman

IMDB-8.1 It’s a legal, military fiction drama revolving around the life of two people one the verge of retirement & another who joined the military for revenge.

Soundtrack No. 1

IMDB-8.0 The plot revolves around two 20-year-old closest friends who are confused about each other and spend two weeks together

Our blues

IMDB-7.7 despite it’s great start the K-drama slowed down a bit probably because too many tales are narrated at once but the storyline still remains the most unique.

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