K-pop songs you never knew was K-pop

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

PSY- Ganganam Style

While everyone was hooked to the signature style, only a handful of them knew it was actually a K-pop song until BTS, EXO, and others had a blast. Probably the first time world witnessed the wave.

Momoland- Wrap me in Plastic

While the song soon became everyone’s favorite with it’s catchy phrase ‘Wrap in plastic, make you shine, I can call you master You can call me mine’, many still thinks it as an English one.

Shaun-Way back home

Because of it’s one of the English cover, people mostly went unnoticed about the actual Korean cover, despite the English one having a few Korean sentences as well.

BTS- Boy with Luv

By the time Halsey went quite popular because of Chainsmokers ‘Closer’ & that’s why listening to ‘Oh my my my’ some thought it as Halsey’s single, with Boy with luv album as just a cover. Woah!

Stella Jung-Colors

‘I could be red, I can be yellow, Can be Blue’, the song went viral on TikTok and Reels but to the surprise 80% of people didn’t know about it being a K-pop song


Big bang -Bang bang bang

Another viral song of the K-pop group called Big Bang whose origin is still a mystery to many of us.


Wonder girls-Nobody

Popular opinion-People thought it was some sort of just 90’s song



Its captivating tune and beautiful words are what keep it on repeat in the head. Due to popular demand, a plethora of translation covers have been created for this song.


Lisa (Blackpink)-Money

Blackpink’s Lisa’s single ‘Money’ recently made it to the top hot chart and continued ruling social media chart for a long time, but only few knew that the artist is actually a member of K-pop band.


Hwasa- Maria

The song’s catchy tune was enough to make anyone groove on the beats, lesser they knew that it was a self-love cover by Mamamoo’s Hwasa & later K-drama True beauty used this song.


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