Khushi Kapoor’s inspired ways to flaunt model aesthetics while posing

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-02-02,12:25:43 entertainment

Posing hacks from Khushi Kapoor

Take cue from budding model Khushi Kapoor on how to exude confidence in your posture and expression.


model aesthetics from Khushi Kapoor

Khushi loves experimenting with different angles, it helps you find the most flattering features of your body


Sunkissed pictures

Both Khushi and Janhvi are fans of sun kissed picture, the Kapoor sisters knows well how to utilize the natural lighting in perfect ways


Body Language

Use your body language to communicate a mood or emotion.


Head tilt

Tilting your head can add an interesting dynamic to your pose. Take cue from Khushi on how to utilise your power dressing for the perfect pose.


Arm placement

While wearing something traditional, experiment with arm placement to create different shapes and lines.



Draw attention to your features by focusing on them with your gaze.



A genuine smile can make all the difference in your pose and add a warm, approachable quality.

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