Kiara Advani bridal skincare regime from natural ingredients

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-01-16,11:30:06 entertainment

Kiara natural skincare regime

Kiara is one of those actors who prefers to use everyday ingredients over expensive treatments. For scrubbing, she primarily uses a besan and cream paste.


The besan and cream pack

The face pack is something she learned from her mother. As she stated, you can apply this face pack once a month to uncover the glow that is deeply buried beneath dead skin cells.


For glowing skin

Kiara mentioned that she uses a great moisturizer and a serum every day to maintain the wellness of her skin.



Kiara has a warm drink of lemon water to start her day. Lemon water detoxifies your body, which aids in maintaining a healthy metabolism.


Tan removal remedy

For those whose skin is more prone to tanning, Kiara advised using besan mixed in aloe vera gel or with plain yogurt to provide moisturisation.


Healthy food healthy skin

Kiara’s mantra to healthy skin is eating ghar ka khana. She consumes a wide range of vegetables on a daily basis.


Exfoliation and Brightening

Another kitchen ingredient which is Kiara’s favorite is Tomato. Kiara Adavani swears by a tomato pack which gives an instant glow alongside exfoliating and brightening the skin.


Sweat it out

Ms. Advani’s first piece of advice is to stick to your exercise routine, which keeps you happy and relieves stress.


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