Kirron Kher elegant saree collection; Kanjivaram to Sambalpuri

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava

Patola Saree

Patola is a double ikat woven sari created in Patan, Gujarat, India. It is typically made of silk and is insanely expensive as they were originally worn by royal and aristocratic families.


Kirron has some finest Kanjivaram collections in her closet. The Kanchipuram silk sari is a type of silk sari made in Tamil Nadu, India. These saris are used for weddings and special occasions

Kota saree

These sarees are hand-spun and are native to the Rajasthan' Kota. Fine checkered weaves and square designs in cotton grace this piece.

jaamdaani Khadi sari

This saree has flower designs all over the body and jamdani swirl motifs on the pallu. The saree's pallu is embellished with tassels.

Sambalpuri sarees

A Sambalpuri sari is a handwoven ikat or sari made using tie-dyed warp and weft before spinning. It hails from Sambalpur, Odissa.

Tussar silk

They are formed from silk worms that breed on wild trees. Bhagalpur, Bihar, produces a large portion of India's Tussar silk sarees.

Banarasi saree

The saris are recognized for their gold and silver fabric or zari, quality silk, and lavish embroidery, and are among India's finest saree collections from the devnagari Banaras.

Pochampally silk saree

They are dyed in the Ikat style and include typical geometric motifs. This saree is manufactured in Bhoodan Pochampally

Paithani silk sari

descending from the royal lineages of Paithan, Aurangabad. The sari is created using the finest silk threads from China and beautiful zari work

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