BTS members favorite colors & the reason why; V, Jungkook, Suga

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BTS members & their fav colors

Here is the list of BTS members favorite color and why the members are so connected with those hue

BTS RM favorite color

BTS RM favorite colors are Black, pink and purple. Black is essential for all colours to have depth and diversity in hue, much to how RM's leadership is essential for BTS to prosper.

BTS Suga Favorite color

BTS rapper and Daechwita crooner Suga’s favorite color is White. White evens all of the colours in the rainbow, much as Suga stabilizes BTS with his introverted personality in contrast to extroverts

BTS Jin favorite color

BTS Jin’s love for pink is quite evident in his clothing. The oldest member of the group breaks all gender stereotypes by choosing pink, which is neutral in Gender expression

BTS J-hope favorite color

BTS J-hope’s favorite color is Green. The attributes of green include comfort, growth, and energy as well as nature and peace much like Hobi’s personality

BTS Jimin favorite color

BTS Jimin’s favorite color is Blue. Blue color is frequently used to decorate spaces to promote harmony, stability, mental relaxation, and anxiety reduction. Jimin is same for ARMY and BTS

BTS V favorite color

BTS Taehyung favorite color is Gray, although the Winter bear crooner has special association with Purple. Gray color signifies neutrality and balance in nature

BTS Jungkook favorite color

BTS Jungkook’s favorite colors are Red, Purple and Black. While Red is for Energy & passion. Black is for depth while Purple is BTS non official color, so he is much connected to him

Who coined Borahe

Borahe which means ‘I purple You’ is coined by BTS V which means that Purple is last color of the rainbow spectrum and remains till very last, similarly BTS will always be there for ARMY

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