Love story of Lee Jong Suk & IU- South Korea’s power couple

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Lee Jong Suk and IU confirms relationship

Moments after the respective agencies of the two confirmed the news, fans took the internet by storm and soon twitter was flooded with comments and hashtags.


When did Lee Jong Suk & IU confirm their romance?

The development took place when South Korea’s news outlet Dispatch filed a report of spotting both the celebs at the airport suspecting their relationship.


How Lee Jong Suk and IU met

The Romance is a bonus book actor met K-pop soloist in his mid twenties and since then both of them remained friends.


Love story of Lee Jong Suk & IU

Their friendship dates back to over a decade and reportedly the duo have been dating for four months now. In his letter to fans Jong Suk described how their friendship grew into love.

Love story of Lee Jong Suk & IU

Jong Suk 32 and IU 29 reportedly came close after the former returned from his military services.

Love story of Lee Jong Suk & IU

“She would share my concerns in life and I could lean on her as my friend. And she is sometimes like my older sister although she is younger than me”.- Lee Jong Suk

Love story of Lee Jong Suk & IU

‘I should have introduced her well but this is something new to me as well. I am worried about how surprised you would be’- Lee Jong Suk

How Jong Suk described IU

In his letter Lee Jong Suk described IU as the character of Kang Dan-I the one from his K-drama Romance is the bonus book.

Christmas celebration

Recently, Jong-suk and IU spent Christmas together in Japan and were even seen at the airport.

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