Marvel & DC Characters inspired from Hindu gods

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Hindu Gods reference in Marvel and DC

If you are a fan of Marvel or DC universe then you might be aware about the fact that several Marvel characters are inspired from Hindu Gods and here are few.



Marvel portrays The God as a friend of the X-Men, particularly of Hank McCoy or the Beast. He possesses traits shared by all Daevas. It is another name of Kartikeya Too.



Indra's origins are a little hazy in the Marvel comics, but they portray him as the most potent warrior God in the Hindu pantheon.


Lord Shiva is regarded as the destroyer and is one of the Trimurti in Hindu mythology. His role in the show is similar to that. He first appeared in Thor.



He is a member of the Daeva celestial God race, who reside in Nirvana. He hasn't portrayed many roles, but that is possibly because he is too powerful to take on a supporting role.



Lord Vishnu is considered as the world's protector in Hindu mythology. He is portrayed in Marvel as the ruler of the Trimurti and the Hindu Pantheon. He stands on par with Zeus and Odin.

Lord Rama

In DC Comics, Lord Rama fought alongside Wonder Woman. He is thought to be very powerful and is one of Lord Vishnu's avatars.



Ganesh is the Hindu Pantheon's main deity and the god of wisdom. He appears in DC Comics as one of the main gods.


Indian Characters in Marvel

Similarly many Indian characters such as Raj Malhotra, Dinesh Deol, Shakti Haddad and more have been the part of Marvel and DC world


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