BTS members and their worst Phobias

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-05-24,12:53:56 entertainment

BTS members Phobias

BTS ARMY do you have any idea what your favorite BTS members Jin, jimin, RM, Jungkook, Suga, Taehyung and J-hope are afraid off, well here are some of them listed below

BTS RM Phobia

There is probably nothing that can scare off RM but the BTS leader is afraid of Elephaphobia (Fear of elephants) and Arachnophobia (Fear of spiders)

BTS Jin Phobia

The oldest member of BTS Kim Seokjin is afraid of Ghost, the vocalist has revealed that he often get scared of Ghost and sometimes feels like its sleeping next to him

BTS Suga Phobia

Suga might be savage and super Savage in nature, but ARMIES meow Meow is afraid from Firecrackers and horror movies

BTS J-hope Phobia

J-hope ARMY’s sunshine is afraid of Snakes and Insects (Ophidiophobia) he also has a special dislike for rollercoaster

BTS Jimin Phobia

Mochi suffers from Lepidopterophobia which is the fear of Butterflies, he also dislike amusement parks

BTS Taehyung Phobia

Taehyung has acrophobia the fear of height, simultaneously he also fears lizards, bees and mice

BTS Jungkook Phobia

The big man Jungkook fears from Explosions and thus he dislikes being near to microwaves and something like that

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